If Love Comes to Call

Lorenzo - If Love Comes to Call

If Love Comes to Call is about being heartbroken! Trying to pull yourself together, stay strong and come to terms with a break up. All whilst promising to give it another go if another love comes along.

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Vocals: Lorenzo Iannotti

Lyrics: Lorenzo Iannotti, Michelle Schembri-Lipscombe & Hugo Farrant

Producer: Luke Batterbury

Now and Forever

Lorenzo - Now and Forwever

Now and Forever is the story of a couple who are separated. It is about surrendering to love in all its beauty - allowing the other person to live their life alongside yours, giving them the freedom to be themselves and loving them for the best and worst versions of themselves. It is the realisation that you need to be with the one you love and you will sacrifice anything to be with them. If we can just give in and be true - regardless of time and distance we will always find our way back to our true love.

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Vocalist: Lorenzo Iannotti

Lyrics: Lorenzo Iannotti & Michelle Schembri-Lipscombe

Composers & Songwriters: Lorenzo Iannotti, Paolo Sciulli & Luke Batterbury

Producer: Luke Batterbury


Lorenzo - Forever

The song Forever was written and recorded in memory of Teresa Mancuso - a friend, sister, daughter and mum that was murdered in Melbourne, Australia in 2013.

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Written by Lorenzo Iannotti & Michelle Schembri-Lipscombe

Vocals by Lorenzo Iannotti

Arrangement by Lorenzo Iannotti and Robert John Sedky

Produced, Orchestrated and Mixed by Robert John Sedky @ White Bridge Productions

Programming Guitar, Bass, Piano by Robert John Sedky